Goalkeepers 2018

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Since 2017, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers works toward accelerating progress towards the Global Goals: using powerful stories, data, and partnerships to highlight progress achieved, hold governments accountable and bring together a new generation of leaders to address the world’s major challenges.

The goal was to help break through media that delivered the year’s event theme of “Progress is possible but not inevitable” and leading with data proof points. Our team produced an engaging, attendee gift box, channel and communication strategy, a re-design the Goalkeepers website, created interactive website data experiences, produced paid media, developed a live-stream event day video series, real-time social content at event, and influencer activation at event.

Timeline: May – September 2018 (5 months)
Role: Creative Director

Attendee Gift Box

For attendees of this years Goalkeepers event, Bill & Melinda Gates wanted to send everyone a copy of the book, Factfulness by Hans Rosling. Factfulness explores the data that proves the world is in better place than we realize. This inspired our approach toward a unique unboxing experience that presents in black & white a series of data-oriented questions who’s answers are revealed within a colorful compartment. The contents include personalized welcome messages from Bill & Melinda Gates, and additional materials to aid attendees at the event.


While the full site has been updated to reflect the 2019 event, you can still experience the 2018 Goalkeepers Report in their archive:

Speaker video sequence used as website hero and throughout social media content.
Fully redesigned, responsive website included digital Goalkeepers report, D3 infographic visualizations, and the “Data Check” quiz who’s results were used within Bill Gates’ opening keynote.

Live-streaming video series

During the event, we produced three live-streamed sessions of our hosted video series of behind-the-scenes interviews of nine Goalkeepers attendees. As the main event paused for breaks, our series sprung into action providing on-line viewers additional segments that allowed them to get to know Goalkeepers, what the event is like to experience, meet emerging leaders, and actions taking place around the world. Content was distributed through Facebook, Twitter, and repurposed via Instagram stories and additional social posts.

To support our digital live-stream audience, we added data pop-ups as video lower thirds to bring additional weight and emphasis to the keynote presentations.

Social media

Over 200 assets were created throughout pre, during, and post-event moments including social takeovers across Gates Foundation’s social channels of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.